Transportation industry

Transportation industry

Kuban is a centre of international transport and the territory of passing the most important federal transport routes. Within recent years the volumes of freight traffic activity increased by 9%. The largest gains were provided by the railway, pipeline and freight motor transport.

The transportation industry of Krasnodar Territory is a large and complicated complex of all kinds of modern transportation: railway lines, motor roads, thoroughfare, seaports, air lines and other objects.

The structure of transport complex makes it possible to combine and interchange the different ways of passengers and cargoes delivery over the Territory. Kuban is the largest railway centre of the South of Russia. The oldest enterprises — locomotive depot and «Krasnodar» station — are 130 years old. The railway lines are 2.2 thousand km long. Currently about 68 per cent of the railway lines have been electrified.

In an effort to develop resources of the railroad to handle the growing freight flow the works for development of the railway stations and reconstruction of the passenger station complexes in the cities of Krasnodar and Sochi were carried out. There is a need to reconstruct the port and railway stations and access ways to them, that will contribute to the complex development of the regional transportation system.

The network of highways is actively developed in Krasnodar Territory. The hard coat highways are 25.8 thousand km long, including 10.7 thousand km of roads for general use, out of which the vehicular routes of 1.3 thousand km length are federal. The large federal motor highway «Don» and «Kavkaz» pass over the regional territory. The economic reforms were responsible for the radical changes in the structure of motor transport. Along with public enterprises of in-general-use transport (68 enterprises) there appeared private and semipublic enterprises and one-man business, engaged in the passengers and cargo carriages. The automotive fleet of Krasnodar Territory numbers more than 1.1 million cars.

The majority of carrier’s undertakings are in need of investments to renovate the travel facilities. The wear out of rolling-stock ranges from 80 to 85%. The renovation of bus fleet is the mostly critical matter.

The air transport of Kuban is represented by six airports, including those international in Krasnodar, Sochi and Anapa. They carry out transportations of cargoes and passengers and are able to accept modern air liners. From the airports more than 1 million passengers and 7 thousand tons of different cargoes and mail are forwarded annually. 365 airfields are available to perform aviation works. The provision of reliable aerial service involves the completion of Sochi air terminal reconstruction with increase of its capacity up to 2500 passengers per hour.

The sea carriages are worthy of special mention as for their place in the transport infrastructure.

There are available for international traffic eight sea ports in Kuban, effecting transshipments of cargoes and passengers service. Their total handling capacity runs as high as 83 million tons a year, including 60 million tons of fluid cargo for transshipment. The stevedoring companies of the ports effect transshipment of more than 40% of foreign trade cargoes, passing through the ports of Russia and service the third of Russian oil exports.

Among the leading ports and port complexes of Russia are deep water ports of Novorossiysk and Tuapse.

The ports of Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Kavkaz are specialized in providing passenger traffic, service of tourists and handling small volumes of general cargoes. The realization of Sochi sea port reconstruction project makes provision for its transformation into the large international centre for servicing sea and cruise passenger traffic, sea trips and yachting at the level of the highest world requirements.

The sea freight carriages are accomplished by ОАО «Novorossiysk Shipping Company», the second steamship company in Russia and the fourth one in the world, disposing of 75 freight-carrying vessels of 3.4 million tons in total. The steamship company «Novoship» specializes primarily in the carriages of fluid cargoes, in 2000 the program of its fleet renovation was completed: 22 new vessels were built.

Of significant importance is the pipeline transport, that is subject for realization of some largest investment projects, having All-Russian importance.

In Kuban more than 9 thousand km of main pipelines are operated. They serve both to provide the needs of the region and to attain the aims of export. The construction of international Tenghiz-Novorossiysk oil pipeline of annual 28 million tons capacity was completed. The construction of Russia-Turkey gas pipeline is in process.

The transport share in production infrastructure of Krasnodar Territory accounts for 13% of the gross regional product and 14% of tax revenues to the budgets of all levels.

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