88 Kuban sportsmen were enrolled as the candidates on the staff of the picked team of Russia for preparation in the XXVIITH Olympic Games. Among them are the representatives of the cities of Krasnodar, Anapa, Armavir, Belorechensk, Gelenzhikm Goryachiy Klyuchm Eysk, Sochi, Tuapse, Uspensky and Ust-Labinsky districts.

In 2002 the performances at the competitions of the world, European and Russian level resulted in 534 medals, among which 203 gold, 170 silver and 162 bronze ones, won by the sportsmen of Krasnodar Territory.

Krasnodar Territory occupies the leading positions in the Russian Federation for development of mass sports and the sports of the highest achievements. In Krasnodar Territory 55 kinds of the sports are cultured. The most popular sports are as follows: football, volleyball, basketball, track-and-field athletics, table tennis, swimming, handball, Greco-Roman wrestling. As the Ice Palace of Sports was put into service in stanitsa Kanevskaya, the hockey sections were opened.

The pride of Kuban and its sports glory are associated with the names of sportsmen, winning the highest awards at the world championships. Alexander Moskalenko, the Honored Master of Sports, champion of the 27th Olympic Games, holder of all imaginable titles: repeated champion of the USSR and Russia, sevenfold champion of Europe, fourteenfold champion of the world, twice winner of the World Cup; Irina Karavayeva, the Honored Master of Sports, fourfold champion of the world, holder of the World Cup; Herman Khnychev, prizewinner of the European championship, champion of the world; Natalia Chernova, repeated champion of Russia, champion of Europe and prizewinner of the World Cup; Andrei Udalov, prizewinner of the European championship, twice champion of the world among the juniors, were acknowledged as the best in trampolining. The instructor of the celebrated trampolinists is Vitaly Fedorovich Dubko, a legendary coach.

The Kuban handball is represented with dignity by the Honored Masters of Sports Valery Gassiy, champion of the 21st Olympic Games; Andrei Lavrov, champion of the world, champion of the 24th, 25th and 27th Olympic Games; Eduard Koksharov and Oleg Khodkov, champions of the world, champions of the 27th Olympic Games; Dmitry Philippov, champion of the world, champion of the 25th and 27th Olympic Games; Igor Chumak, champion of the world, champion of the 24th and 25th Olympic Games.

In boxing it would be hard to find the match of Shamil Sabirov, the Honored Master of Sports, champion of Europe, champion of the 22nd Olympic Games.

The Kuban tennis school became world famous thanks to Eugheny Kafelnikov, Honored Master of Sports, champion of the 27th Olympic Games.

In Greco-Roman wrestling the excellent show was put up by Murad Kardanov, the Honored Master of Sports, champion of the 27th Olympic Games, champion of Europe, twice winner of the World Cup; by Yury Patrikeyev, the world class master of sports, champion of Europe, prizewinner of the world championship; in sambo and judo — by Gusein Haibullayev, the USSR Honored Master of Sports in sambo, fourfold champion of Europe, fivefold champion of the world, fivefold holder of the World Cup, headmaster of the highest sport mastership school; by Alexander Konovalov, the world class master of sports in sambo and master of sports in judo, judo champion of Russia, twice sambo champion of Europe; by Ruslan Kishmakhov, the world class master of sports in sambo, prizewinner of judo championship of Russia, sambo champion of Russia, champion of the world, holder of the World Cup.

On the podium of 2003 are the young outstanding sportsmen, representing all and multivarious kinds of sports.

  • Weight-lifting.
    • Vladislav Lukanin, aged eighteen, the world class master of sports, sixfold winner of European championship, twice prizewinner of the world championships, winner of the World Championship’2003 among the juniors (Mexico); Roman Yekotov, master of sports of Russia, winner of the World Championship’2003 among the juniors (Mexico), Marina Shainova, the world class master of sports, champion of Russia, four-fold winner of the European championships, repeated record-holder, bronze prizewinner of the World Championship’2003 among the juniors (Mexico).
  • Track and field athletics.
    • Dmitry Shevchenko — the Honored Master of Sports, participant of the 25th Olympic Games, repeated prizewinner of the world and Europe, discus-throwing holder of the European Cup’2003 (Italy); Viktoria Gurova — the world class master of sports, hop, skip and jump winner of the championship of Europe’2003 among the juniors (Poland); Tatiana Shikolenko — the Honored Master of Sports, javelin throwing winner of international track and field athletics competitions (Switzerland); Mikhail Levin — the «Gold Hammer of Russia», master of sports of Russia, hammer throw winner of the world track and field athletics championship (Canada) among the juniors; Maria Yakovenko — master of sports of Russia, javelin throwing; prizewinner of the European championship among the juniors (Poland); Tatiana Polnova — the world class master of sports, silver prizewinner of the European Cup (Italy) in pole-vaulting; Alexander Gripich — gold medalist in pole-vaulting at the seventh juniors’ Olympic Festival of Europe (France).
  • Greco-Roman wrestling.
    • Nikolai Baraban, aged twenty two, the gold prizewinner of the Russian national team at the international Grand-Prix tournament in remembrance of Ivan Poddubny (Russia), acknowledged as the best wrestler of the tournament; Viacheslav Djaste, aged seventeen, master of sports of Russia, winner of the cadets’ championship of Europe; Ahmed Gadjimuradov, aged fifteen, master of sports of Russia, winner of the cadets’ championship of Europe.
  • Handball.
    • Denis Linvinenko, Stanislav Pyko and Ivan Fedisko — 17 years old players, silver prizewinners of the seventh juniors’ Olympic Festival of Europe (France).
  • Swimming.
    • Denis Mishenov — a member of team, silver prizewinner of the seventh juniors’ Olympic Festival of Europe (France). The festival was named a Russian week in Paris, since it culminated in the solid victory of Russian sportsmen in placing of team as a whole.
  • Pentathlon.
    • Alexei Savikov — the world class master of sports, repeated winner of the world championships, relay-race winner of the world championship in team placing, relay-race winner of the adults’ championship of Europe, silver prizewinner of the world championship in team placing (Italy).
  • Boat-racing.
    • Irina Fedotova — the Honored Master of Sports of Russia, bronze prizewinner of the 27th Olympic Games, silver prizewinner of the World Cup third stage (Italy); Julia Levina — Honored Master of Sports of Russia, bronze prizewinner of the 27th Olympic Games, silver prizewinner of the World Cup second stage (Italy).
  • Gorodki sport.
    • Vasily Dukhanin — the Honored Master of Sports, record holder, repeated champion of Russia, winner of international tournament and holder of the European Cup’ 2003, chairman of the spots and technical commission of the national championship, playing coach.

For athletics Krasnodar Territory disposes of 86 stadiums with grand stands for 1.5 thousand places at least, of more than 3.6 thousand plate structures, 1.4 thousand gym-halls, 53 swimming pools. The major ones are as follows:

  • In the city of Krasnodar — stadiums «Kuban», «Dinamo», «Unost», field-and-track hall of Kuban Physical Culture Academy, V. Machuga sports complex, sports complex of the Kuban Agricultural University, rowing base of the children’s and youth sports school for canoeing and paddle-race;
  • In the city of Sochi — central stadium, yacht-club;
  • In the city of Novorossiysk — stadium «Chernomorets»;
  • In the settlement Novomihaylovsky of Tuapse district — sports complex of the All-Russian Children’s Centre «Orlenok»;
  • In stanitsa Kanevskaya — Ice Palace of Sports — unique sports structure that will permit to develop new for Kuban kinds of sports that are hockey and figure skating.

One important link of the physical culture and sports in Krasnodar Territory is the activity of the Kuban State Physical Culture Academy, where the leading-sportsmen and future specialists of the industry are taught. The Republican School of Olympic Reserve is functioning on its basis.

In Krasnodar Territory 184 additional education institutions of sports orientation are in action, at which 120 thousand children and young people study free of charge. These comprise 143 children’s and youth sports schools and Schools of Olympic Reserve, 2 schools of the higher sportsmanship, 39 children’s and youth clubs of physical training. The sports educational institutions grow in number. Just in 2002 22 municipal and 7 sports schools of the Territory were opened at the cost of Krasnodar Territory budget.

In summer period 20 out of town sports and health improving camps, 11 day camps were established for the pupils of sports schools, where 12170 children and teenagers had a rest in summer of 2002.

The work with the student youth is a major preoccupation. Annually the mass multiround competitions are held among academic groups and faculties. The student’s sport and athletics meetings are held in the majority of cities and districts of Krasnodar Territory. This work is mostly active in the cities of Krasnodar, Armavir, Slavyansk-on-Kuban, Eysk, Novorossiysk, Sochi and Kropotkin. The regular running of Kuban sports and athletics meetings served as a stimulus to develop the section work at the higher education establishments. For two years the students attending sports sections grew by 38% in number.

The tendency for decline in the number of physical culture staffs at the enterprises, organizations and institutions stopped in Krasnodar Territory. The wage rates of sports instructors-methodologists and trainers began to be restored in the manning tables of enterprises.

28 new physical culture groups were created. The body of people involved in physical training in working collectives grew by 8057.

The physical culture specialists were added into manning tables of the rural administrations of Bryuhovetsky and Mostovskoy and of Labinsk city to preserve the physical training and health improving work with the rural population of Krasnodar Territory. In Eysk district the sports clubs and in Kavkazsky district the sports associations were established in stanitsas and settlements.

The active physical training and health improving work at the places of people’s residence resulted in increase of the number of clubs and of people attending those by 70%. Thus, 16 recreational grounds were put into service in the regional centre in 2002 and 36 extra units of physical training and games masters were added into staff.

The work for rehabilitation of disabled through physical training and sports is another major preoccupation. In the course of 2001—2002 the number of physical training and sports clubs and of people attending those increased more than twofold. The regional physical training and sports federation of disabled was established.

The final competitions of the 6th Kuban Olympics of disabled saw the participation of teams from 27 towns, cities and districts of Krasnodar Territory. The work is performed purposefully in this direction in the cities of Sochi, Krasnodar, Armavir, Goryachiy Klyuch, Kropotkin, in Apsheronsky, Novokubansky, Seversky, Tihoretsky and Uspensky districts.

The children’s sports games «The young Olympians of Kuban» are running: more than 6 thousand children and teenagers took part in competitions of 2001 for 31 kinds of program at all stages of the games.

In 2002 the 14th Olympics of Kuban were run for 30 kinds of sports, in which more than 5 thousand athletes, the representatives of all cities, towns and districts of Krasnodar Territory participated. Annually about 350 championships in sports would be run in Krasnodar Territory in accordance with the schedule of events.

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