Resorts and Tourism

Resorts and Tourism

High nature-climatic potential of edge alongside with widely advanced transport infrastructure, more than centenary experience of a resort affair and presence inbowels of mineral waters and medical dirties have predetermined a role of Krasnodar Territory as largest resort and tourist region of Russia.

Krasnodar Territory has no analogues in Russia in diversity of unique natural landscapes, exotic combination of plains and mountain peaks with perpetual snows and glaciers, bright semitropical greenery and spanless azure of the Black Sea, remedial balnearies and therapeutic tic muds.

There are about 1200 enterprises of sanatorium-and-spa complex and tourism, where more than 220 thousand persons may be placed at a time. The universality of Krasnodar Territory resorts implies the experienced personnel, high-capacity medical base and modern methods, enabling to efficiently treat all the groups of diseases, provided by the modern world balneology.

Year from year the comfort in health resorts is growing, the quantity and quality of services and the general level of service is in growth. 34 health- improving enterprises and hotels underwent certification for a category and from two to fives stars were given to them. The flagship of those is the five-star boarding guest house «Nadezhda» in Kabardinka settlement.

The unique singularity of the Territory is the availability of mineral waters and therapeutic mud fields.

Four large specialized hydrogeological enterprises are at work in the cities of Krasnodar, Sochi, Anapa and Gelendzhik, having the development and protection of the mineral waters fields in their charge. 15 promising table mineral water and therapeutic mud deposits were explored, where the volumes of production may total in the neighborhood of 3725 cub.m per day.

In Kuban the therapeutic mud fields of two types: slime and knoll ones were discovered. The therapeutic mud features apparent antiinflammatory, resorbing, desensitizing, anesthetic and bactericidal action. The mud treatment enhances the immunologic and restorative processes to exert a favorable effect on protein, water, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

The sulfide slime therapeutic muds are located in the areas of Vityazevsky and Kiziltash brackish lagoons, Chemburka, Golubitsky and Soleny lakes. The knoll the rapeutic muds are located in the areas of Akhtanizovskaya, Shugo, Azovskaya and Gnilaya knolls. Of great practical importance are the muds of the so called volcano origin, acknowledged to be therapeutic. The mud volcanoes are located in Taman peninsula.

The resorts of the Azov sea coast gained their popularity due to the favorable climatic data in the warm season, sandy beaches, sea water, therapeutic muds and mineral waters. The Azov seaboard became promising for the further development and improvement of sanatorium-and-spa treatment for children. At present the famous resort in this relation in Eysk as well as some small season houses and camps in Primorsko-Akhtarsk and Temryuk districts function.

Today here the famous resorts and health-centers of Eysk, Primorsko-Ahtarsk and Temryuk district function.

The major sea resorts of Krasnodar Territory and Russia are Sochi, Anapa, Tuapse district, Gelendzhik Temryuk and Eysk districts.

Sochi is a federal resort, wide-spread over the Black Sea coast line for the length of 145 km. 20% of the Kuban resort potential is concentrated in this city, that is more than 200 sanatorium-and-spa objects. Out of 64 thousand places 54 thousand ones are in action all-day-round. Sanatoria «Sochi», «Rus», «Yug», boarding guest houses «Fakel», «Olympiysky», «Sheksna», «Golubaya Molniya», hotels «Zhemchuzhina», «Dagomys», «Edisson Lazurnaya», «Peak-Hotel Lazurnaya» that are able to meet competition both in Russian and the world markets, are the pride of resort. The balneary of Matsesta employs the unique methods of treatment, having no analogues abroad. As a consequence of aggres-sive medium (hydrogen sulfide sources) the equipment of balneological resort has the need for renovation. The Federal Target Program «Yug Rossii» calls for reconstruction design of this object.

Anapa — the most sunny resort of the Black Sea coast — it may receive over 1 mil-lion persons a year. Out of 186 sanatorium-and-spa institutions 27 ones are operative all the year round. The high- capacity treatment and diagnostic base is equipped with the best foreign equipment and facilities. In Anapa the ENT-diseases, diseases of respiratory appa-ratus, cardiovascular diseases are treated. The centres of psychotherapy and allergology are actively working. The sulfide slime therapeutic muds, sulfide and mineral waters are used. Anapa is famous as a children’s resort of the country. The boarding guest houses «Zolotye Peski», «Lastochka», «Ural», «Vysoki Bereg» and a sanative complex «Vitiaz» were acknowledged to be the best ones.

Tuapse district is a maritime and climatic resort and is stretched along the Black Sea coast for 100 km. The boarding guest houses «Molniya», «Orbita» and «Yamal» are known for their comfort and high level of service.

Gelendzhik is a maritime, climatic, balneological piedmont resort of Mediterranean type. It is Lomonosov sanatorium, sanatorium «Krasnaya Talka» and the boarding guest house «Solnechny» that have won the popularity. Here they treat the diseases of upper respiratory tract, nervous system disorders and the cardiovascular diseases.

Temryuk district — one of perspective districts of Krasnodar territory, having large basis for developing federal resort complex. Here is concentrated the best in Russsia beachfront areas along The Azov-Black sea coasts of Taman peninsula. Extension of the golden sand beachfronts — more than 200 km. By the sea coast border upon bays, estuaries, lakes, fluxes and little-developed places for hunting and fishing. Every year to Taman come from 20 to 30 thousand people for treatment and resting. It is only tenth part of all that Taman can take on summer treatment season. Temryuk district has more sunny days than Gelendzhik, Sochi, Suhumi. There are more than 70 comfortable hotels, and treatment establishments. The sea, wine, nature and cultural monuments — that is the main wealth of Taman peninsula, and it has great opportunities for the investments in the resort business.

Eysk district is a maritime balneary and mud resort on the Azov seaside. The therapeutic muds of Eysk yield to none of the similar factors of the most famous world resorts in healing properties but even are superior often to those. The rich hydromineral deposits of Eysk district represented by unique therapeutic muds and mineral waters serve to be the perfect base for successful functioning of Eysk district as a bulneary resort.

The mountainous resort zone of Kuban is represented by Goryachy Klyuch and Apsheronsky district.

The town of Goryachy Klyuch is one of the oldest health resorts of the country. It is located in the valley and surrounded from three sides by the branches of the Caucasian Range. The unique mineral waters of this resort make it possible to treat the gastrointestinal disturbances at the level of the celebrated health resorts of Yessentuki and Zheleznovodsk.

Apsheronsky district is a balneological resort located in the foothills of the Caucasus. The development of tourism and mass recreation is favored by the natural climatic and transportational-geo- graphic location of the district. The mineral and thermal waters are used for the treatment of different diseases. The natural conditions promote to the development of the horse tourism. The project «The development of tourism in Apsheronsky district» calls for construction of a new holiday camp for 200 persons, the creation of touristic, horseracing and mountain-skiing complexes and hunts.

The development issues of the children’s recreation, creative leisure and health improvement system were and still remain the object of intense interest and the greatest preoccupation of Krasnodar Territory administration. By Decree of Krasnodar Territory administration head the target program of Krasnodar Territory «Children of Kuban» was adopted, according to which the programs «Summer» were developed and brought into reality in the towns and districts.

Krasnodar Territory currently has more than 100 capital investment projects available, aimed at the development of recreational industry enterprises, infrastructure of their location areas, objects of leisure and recreation and enhancement of the rendered services quality.

Anyone who will choose the hospitable resorts of Kuban as his place for a holiday, will be given the wide opportunities to undertake fascinating journeys and excursions, the list and choice of which is great and varied. More than 200 tourist enterprises of Krasnodar Territory offer the routes of excursions and walking-tours.

The resources close to extremal ones rather than favorable and comfortable natural resources are attractive for the sporting tourism.

Among the nine kinds of sporting tourism hiking is mostly popular. The optimal conditions for laying hiking and mountain— hiking routes, let it be known, are available in piedmont and mountainous parts of Krasnodar Territory — just as the peaks with the passages of the various difficulty categories, so also the crossings through water streams, difficult to traverse forest ranges, as well as the caving-talus slopes and grassy slopes.

To adventure amateurs Krasnodar Territory offers rafting down the mountain rivers Mzymta (city of Sochi) and Belaya, flowing over the West Caucasus in the region of Lagonaki plateau.

The amateurs of exotic flora will be favored with the Sochi arboretum — botanical gardens, where the plants were collected from all over the world: Mediterranean seaside, Middle East, South America, India Australia, Japan.

The ethnographical tourism has become a new trend in the development of tourism in Krasnodar Territory — it is «The Cossacks’ village» in Abinsk district. The district is rich in traditions, has a developed infrastructure, interesting natural conditions to improve this activity.

The traditionally attractive for the tourists are heroic places of the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945 battles in the city of Novorossiysk, on the Knoll of Heroes near the town of Krymsk and on the mountain passages.

The promising place of the tourism development is Krasnaya Polyana of Sochi. Here today the opportunities of housing tourists — the amateurs of mountain-skiing and mountain recreation — are already available. More than 20 designs and proposals on development of this resort are in existence.

The broad far-flung network of highways in Krasnodar Territory advantages the active growth of the car tourism.

The Black and Azov Sea resorts and health-centers of Krasnodar Territory are the active participants of the international and All-Russian exhibitions and fairs of tourism and recreation.

The largest investor in the resorts of Kuban is «Gazprom» Corporation, that has built more than 20 health-centers. The investments of the RF Ministry of Railways are growing

The policy of Krasnodar Territory administration is directed to the further development and raising investment attraction of the Azov and Black Sea coasts.

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