Religious organizations

Religious organizations

Admitting the particular role of the orthodoxy in history of Russia in information and development of its spiritually and culture the bodies of municipal entities of Krasnodar Territory build up their relations with the curacies of Ekaterinodar and Kuban episcopates for revival of traditions.

The development of religious situation in Krasnodar Territory is determined in the recent years by peculiarities connected both with operation of the federal law «On the liberty of conscience and religious associations» and with the intra-denomination processes.

Overall more than 700 organizations, representing the followers of 28 religious trends, have been registered in Krasnodar Territory. The most numerous denomination — both in the number of believers and in the impact on the social and political situation in the Territory — is the Russian Orthodox Church. More than 300 curacies of Ekaterinodar and Kuban episcopates under Moscow patriarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church have been registered in Krasnodar Territory.

In Kuban more than 40 orthodox churches have the status of the newly revealed objects of history and culture in Krasnodar Territory and are protected by the State. Among the 14 orthodox temples, operating in the regional centre, two enjoy the status of the monuments of architecture. Annually the appropriate funds are allocated in the regional budget for renovation and restoration of the orthodox temples.

The All-Kuban spiritual and educational Cyril and Methodius readings have become traditional in Krasnodar Territory and these are run jointly with Ekaterinodar and Kuban episcopates since 1995.

The Protestantism is a second in the number of believers religious trend in Krasnodar Territory. In total the Protestant organizations number more than 200. These include the most numerous ones as follows: evangelical Christian baptists, Christians of evangelical belief (Pentecostals), Seventh-Day Adventists, evangelical Christians, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others.

In Krasnodar Territory 13 curacies of Armenian apostolic church, 12 Moslem religious organizations were registered, 11 curacies of the Roman Catholic Church and other inconsiderable in number religious trends are in action.

The administration of Krasnodar Territory and the institutions of local government pay special attention to the search of the new forms of cooperation with the religious organizations. It finds expression, in particular, in conclusion of contracts and agreements in the field of culture, education, social protection, public health care, moral and patriotic upbringing of the youth. It has become in practice of the regional administration and the institutions of local government to meet with the leaders of traditional denominations of Kuban and to perform the joint charitable actions.

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