Political parties and Social associations

Political parties and Social associations

With the federal law «On political parties» being adopted, the party construction became active in Kuban.

The main political forces in Kuban are as follows: Krasnodar regional department of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), Krasnodar regional department of Party «The United Russia».

All in all over four thousand social associations, inclusive the trade union organizations, are in force in Krasnodar Territory. With the Federal Law «On Political Parties» being adopted, the party construction became active in Kuban. Currently more than 40 regional departments of political parties have already been registered. Aside from the well-known political parties having factions at the State Duma — «The United Russia», Communist Party of the Russian Federation, «Union of the Right Forces» — the regional departments of such political parties as the Party of Russian Renascence, Russian Party of Life, Social-Democratic Party, Ecological Party «The Greens», People’s Patriotic Party, Party of Peace and Unity, etc., have been registered in Krasnodar Territory.

The regional, local departments of political parties and social associations participate in elections of all levels. On the strength of the Territory Legislative Assembly there are 32 representatives of Krasnodar Territory People’s Patriotic Movement «Otechestvo», 19 members of the CPRF, seven members of «The United Russia». Five representatives of the CPRF territorial organization are the deputies of the RF State Duma.

Some regional departments of political parties and social associations take part in solution of the social problems. For example, the executives and activists of «The United Russia» and the CPRF rendered assistance to inhabitants of Krasnodar Territory, who sustained great damage from the waterflood in June last year. The Executive Committee of «The United Russia» delivered and distributed nine heavy haulers of humanitarian assistance. The Territory Committee of the CPRF delivered it to the sum of more than 600 thousand rubles.

The veteran, invalid, women’s and youth social associations and territorial bodies of self-government actively work with the various categories of population. Thus, six veteran social organizations exist in Krasnodar Territory.

Krasnodar Territory social organization of the war, labor, Armed Forces and law enforcement bodies veterans was established on March 14, 1987 and unites 1.5 million veterans and pensioners of the Territory.

Krasnodar Territory social organization of the All- Russian Invalids Society (AIS) was established in June of 1988, and it numbers about 80 thousand invalids.

Krasnodar Territory organization of the Socialist Labor Heroes and Full Holders of the Labor Glory Order was established in 1998. 119 Heroes of the Socialist Labor and 13 Full Holders of the Labor Glory Order stand in the ranks of it.

Krasnodar Territory charitable organization of the Soviet Union Heroes, Heroes of Russia and Full Holders of the Glory Order (Association of the Soviet Union Heroes, Heroes of Russia and Full Holders of the Glory Order) was established on March 13, 1993. 41 Heroes and 7 Full Holders of the Glory Order are the members of this organization.

For more than 35 years the department of the all Russian Society for preservation of History and Culture Monuments has been actively working in Krasnodar Territory for the aims of identification, scientific research, preservation and promulgation.

Krasnodar regional organization of the Russian Union of Afghanistan Veterans was established 12 years ago. To date the departments of organization have been established in 12 towns and 24 districts of Krasnodar Territory.

The Administration, Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Territory, bodies of the local self-government work in cooperation with the regional and local departments of political parties and social associations in the next two basic trends: rendering assistance in running statutory activity — encouragement of the socially useful initiatives, first of all that are socially directed, consolidation of the social associations, devoted to the positive approaches, and their attraction to realization of administration’s programs for the social and economic development of Kuban, resistance to the social associations, holding the extreme views.

With this aim in view the advisory council of the social associations was established under the head of administration. Its primary task is to provide more close cooperation between the executive bodies of the regional state power and the social associations, to study public opinion on important social and political problems and to take it into consideration when preparing decrees and directions of the governor and the laws of Krasnodar Territory.

The council involves the leaders of the regional departments of political parties having factions in the State Duma, three largest in the Territory religious denominations, representing Orthodoxy, Islam, Armenian Apostolical Church, social associations of the various orientation and the Cossacks.

The activists, members of different political parties, first of all, «The United Russia» work at the administration of Krasnodar Territory, regional bodies of executive power and at the bodies of the local self-government.

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