Mass media

Mass media

Krasnodar Territory is of powerful information potential, All in all 524 newspapers and 82 magazines, 195 television programs and 122 radioprograms, 248 enterprises of publishing and polygraphic complex were registered in the region.

The edition dynamics analysis of the city and district newspapers, published by the state unitary enterprises shows their overall single edition to keep on the level of about 500 thousand copies.

The public sector of the great media world of the mass communication is in direct charge of Krasnodar Territory Department on the Matters of Mass Media, Press, Radio and Television Broadcast and Mass Communications. The newspaper and information complex «Kubanskiye Novosti», 18 polygraphic enterprises and associations, television and radio company «Novoe Televidenie Kubani» (New Television of Kuban), 42 editorial offices of the city and district newspapers make the fourth part of all Krasnodar Territory state unitary enterprises.

The administration of the Territory pursues the policy aimed to support the city and district newspapers. It is realized through the Law 66-K3 of Krasnodar Territory «On the state support of mass media», stipulating granting exemptions from taxes and payments to the budget of the Territory for the local press. The budgetary subsidies and tax exemptions are granted to the local newspapers to enable the inhabitants of the Territory to subscribe to and buy the city and district newspapers at the reasonable prices.

The local press has formed and obtained the following that takes it into confidence: the local press of Kuban is close to the reader: it features sound and well thought out judgment on events that locally happen. The newsweekly «Kraevye Novosti» (The News of Krasnodar Territory), edited by the Krasnodar Territory Department on the Matters of Mass Media, Press, Radio and Television Broadcast and Communications, has a circulation of 350 thousand to be the largest social and political edition in the South of Russia in number of copies.

The important trend in activity of Krasnodar Territory administration is the development of the regional television and radio. On the evidence of the RF Ministry on the Matters of Press, Radio and Television Broadcast and Mass Communications

Krasnodar Territory falls into five leading regions of Russia for the own television and radio broadcast coverage of population.

From 1998 till present time forty television and radio broadcast transmitters were installed and put in operation — from Eysk to Adler and from stanitsa Otradnaya to Taman peninsula — over the area of Krasnodar Territory within the frame work of the governor’s «Program of the state transmitting television and radio broadcast network development in Krasnodar Territory». The signal of the state television company «Novoe Televidenie Kubani» is raised to the Earth artificial satellite «Intelsat 904» by means of the ground based space «teleport», where from it is received by the digital satellite receiving stations in the cities and districts and further it is delivered to the usual television antennas of Krasnodar Territory inhabitants via the transmitting network.

Thanks to it the TV programs of the television and radio company «Novoe Televidenie Kubani» are currently available for 85% of Krasnodar Territory inhabitants, the regional radio broadcast programs «Mayak Kubani» are listened to by the 90% of Kuban population, and the youth radio station «Radio Roks-Region» — by 65%.

At the same time, 15% of population living in communities of the north and north-east districts, Tuapse, Apsheronsk, Mostovskoy, Otradnensky, in the cities of Gelendzhik, Sochi and Goryachy Klyuch are deprived of opportunity to watch TV and listen to radio programs of Krasnodar Territory stations. The natural calamities that were on Krasnodar Territory in 2002, proved out the need of creating reliable and efficient means to warn the population of Kuban against the emergencies, that the state television and radio broadcast is now.

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