Krasnodar — the capital of the Kuban


Modern Krasnodar is large industrial, research and cultural centre of Russia. Krasnodar located in the centre of the main transport line, connecting centre of Russian Federetion with ports of the Black and Azov seas; Transcaucasia; resort complexes of the Black sea coast.

The territory crosses four-direction of the railroads, 2 roads of federal meaning and 2 airports. There is Kuban reservoir on the south-east.

In Krasnodar concentrated fourth of region manufactured. Industrial potential of the city consists of fuel and energy complex, machine-tool construction instrument-making industry, woodworking, light, food branches and buildindustry. The main industrial enterprises in Krasnodar are: FL «Krasnodarskaya TEZ», OJSC oil-and fat factory «Krasnodarsky», OJSC «Philip Morris Kuban», FL nr.1 CJSC «МРВК Ochakovo». There are high index in grain-crops and catties productivity in the farm of suburban zone.

The first Cossacks’ dug-outs appeared on the place of future Ekaterinodar in summer of 1793. The city began from Karasun corner, securely protected by the waters of Kuban and Karasun from the raids of Highlanders.

At present the population of Krasnodar amounts to 790 thousand inhabitants, that is about 15% of Kuban population. Every day about 30 thousand people more besides arrive to the city for a work. The city is inhabited by the representatives of more than 100 nationalities: Russians, Armenians, Ukrainians, Adygei, Belorussians and others.

The city occupies the space of about 690 square kilometres. Krasnodar is divided into four administrative districts in administrative and territorial respect: Central, Zapadny, Karasunsky and Prikubansky. Within boundaries of the districts there are two urban type settlements, three rural districts and 29 rural populated areas.

The head of Krasnodar (V. Evlanov)

Krasnodar is a large industrial centre of Russia. Here the third of industrial potential of Kuban is concentrated — more than 120 large enterprises, manufacturing the multivarious products. The heavy industry (mostly mechanical engineering and professional equipment) accounts for 33 percent of all the volume of industrial products. The produce of light and wood processing industry makes up 38% and the foodstuffs industry — 26% of all the production volume.

The foodstuffs industry is represented by the fat-and-oil, meat, diary and tobacco integrated works. The main metalworking and machinery works of the city are as follows: «Krasnodarselmash», «Krasnodarrismash» (production of riceharvesting combines), «Sedin-Shiss» (machine tool production), compressor works, works of electrical-type instruments, radio metering instruments, «Tenzopribor», gas apparatuses and medical instruments plants, «Krasny Metallist»; oil-processing and chemical enterprises: PO «Krasnodarnefteorgsintez», chemical integrated works, plant of plastic materials, general mechanical rubber goods, chemical plant and others. In the city whiteware plant and integrated works of biochemical and vitamine preparations function. The wood-processing industry is represented by the integrated furniture works.

Serious part in developing agricultural sector in city economics brought by agricultural corporations of Krasnodar. In CJSC «Agrokombinat Teplichnii» small capacity inculcate technology growing clean vegetable crop on tiny irrigation to promote growth productivity.

Staff of JSC «Loris» growing large and drupe fruits, realizate and remake them. The main kind of activity of suburban gardener economy of JSC «Plodovod» is to product, storage, remake, and realizate fruitage products; rendering transport-dispatch service; external economic activity. CJSC agro-firm «Solnechnaya» particularized fruit—vegetable economy with developed industrial remaking. Structural subdivision of Kuban State Agricultural University is educational-empirical farm «Kuban» serving as the base for training students, retraining and also for increasing qualification of specialists and producing, realizating best specimens of grains, catties and progressive technologies. APC «Krasnodarskii» is a huge specialized fruit-vegetable farm, producing every year about 5,5 thousand of vegetables, strawberries, large and drupe fruits; disposal plant is producing juices, conserve vegetables, fruits and their semi-manufactured articles. The main activity of CJSC EPF «Zentralnoe» is to produce, remake and realizate agricultural and fruit-vegetable products on basis of new technologies. Educational-empirical farm «Krasnodarskoe» breeding and keeping catties, pigs, growing plants on deepening stock of equipment on energy-efficient technology. The main kind of activity of EPF «Kolos» is producing and realizating of sabadillas of high reproduction and perspective sorts of grain-crops, and also accomplishment control in working environment of Krasnodar Sientific-research Agrarian Institute.

In the last years the construction industry has been actively developing. The city reached one of the leading places in Russia for placing housing in service per one inhabitant.

Krasnodar is the largest centre of culture, education and scientific activities in the North Caucasus. Here the scientific and research institutes are concentrated: the institute of agriculture (KNIISKh), of oil-bearing crops (VNIIMK), of horticulture and viniculture, All-Union Scientific and Research Institute of Rice. All these institutions are involved in agricultural science — the priority trend in our agricultural region.

Many educational institutions, known all over the south of Russia are disposed in Krasnodar. Recently the Kuban State Technological University celebrated its 85th anniversary. For all the years it exists the Kuban State Technological University produced more than 70 thousand highly skilled specialists. Other largest higher educational institutions of Krasnodar are Kuban State University, Kuban State Medical Academy, Kuban State Agricultural University, Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts.

Fountain in Krasnodar

The capital of Kuban is celebrated for its theatres and museums. Krasnodarians and the guests of city are waited at the Academical theatre of drama, Municipal theatre and concert agency «Krasnodar creative association «Premiera», comprising Krasnodar musical theatre and Krasnodar Territory philharmonic. Here actors, singers, dancers and other scene masters, known in all Russia, give the performance. Many years see the world-famous Kuban Cossacks Chorus in Krasnodar to improve its mastership. The pride of the city is E. D. Felitsin Museum of local lore and history, the largest one in the North Caucasus. Its depositories have the unique displays available able to raise envy even of the famous French Louvre.

Life of the city is enlightened by several television companies. Mostly popular with the citizens are the Municipal Television and Radio Company «Krasnodar» and Television and Radio Company «Ekaterinodar». Here the news releases, authors programs, on-camera talk shows and films about Krasnodar are prepared. The newspapers «Krasnodarskiye Izvestiya», «Kuban segodnia», «Krasnodar» newsweekly inform the readers on development and problems of the regional centre.

The large-scale system of social protection has been created in Krasnodar for the city-folk. In Krasnodar 145 thousand people enjoy regular prophylactic and medical attendance, provided by the social services. The children’s allowance is paid every month to parents of 73 thousand children. The disabled persons and needy city-dwellers have an opportunity to improve their health and undergo course of social rehabilitation at the municipal social centres «Olginka», «Dubrava» and «Istochnik».

In 2002 Krasnodar was acknowledged to be the best city of Russia by the annual results by the social and economic development. The regional centre was rewarded with the «Russian national Olympus» premium and with Order of Honour and Valour. These awards were presented to N. V. Priz, the Head of Krasnodar administration.

The sports base of Krasnodar is considered as one of the best in the south of Russia. Three large stadia: «Kuban», «Dinamo» and «Yunost» are at the disposal of Krasnodar and guest sportsmen. The Kuban State Academy of Physical Culture disposes of unique training base. The «Spartakus» House of Physical Culture and Sports serves for training of boxers, wrestlers and weight-lifters. The masters of kayak- paddling and canoeing from Krasnodar and other cities of the country exercise themselves in rowing all the year round at the «Spartakus» rowing base on the Kuban river. The competitions of the body-builders are arranged by the club «Samson». A new 3000-seat sports complex was a presentation to Krasnodarians for the 210th aniversary of the city. The sympathies of Krasnodar football fans are with the football club «Kuban».

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