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The public health service of Kuban is represented by the high-capacity system of ambulatory institutions and it numbers 258 hospitals, 281 outpatient-and-polyclinic institutions, 54 dispensaries, 33 dental health service institutions, 10 sanatoria, 11 special type institutions (centers of preventive health care, catastrophe medical service, forensic medical examination bureau, etc.), 256 medical stations, 732 obstetric and medical attendant stations.

The public health service of Krasnodar Territory takes a rightful pride in its scientific achievements, clinics of the Territory, names of professionals, practitioners, the achievements of which are prized not only in Russia, but also in the world.

Krasnodar Territory is to introduce and actively develop the institution of general practitioners. 38 general medical practices were established. At the Kuban State Medical Academy the cycle of the primary general practice was run and 40 nurses were taught at Krasnodar base medical college. The Department has bought and purposefully distributed 13 «Niva» cars among the local general practitioners. The necessary equipment was acquired for 38 general medical practices to the total value of 1 million 611.6 thousand rubles.

The leader of the regional public health service is Krasnodar Territory clinical hospital comprising nephrological centre, the only one in the South of Russia, interregional genetic consultation, the best one in the country, burn center for the injured with the severe forms of burns. The hospital is a base for the clinic of the Russian functional surgical gastroenterology centre of the RF Public Health Ministry to work. In 2002 the Centre of thoracic surgery — the only inpatient hospital of similar grade in the South Federal District — was established.

Krasnodar municipal patient care and diagnostic association comprises the largest in the Territory multifield hospital composed of 16 departments and the Complex of SCAL centers (specialized complex of ambulant therapy) introduced into medical practice first in the country. Krasnodar Territory Centre of thoracic surgery and Gynecologic Centre, one of the leaders in the North Caucasus, makes the structure of the hospital.

The market of medical services is in good progress. In addition to the state and municipal public health institutions the licenses to perform medical activity are held by 577 medical organizations of other forms of property and by more than 725 physical persons.

The guide to action for the regional public health service is the Conception of public health service development and better organization of medical aid for Krasnodar Territory population in 2010—2020 period.

In 2002 in Krasnodar Territory as well as in other subjects of Russia the all Russian prophylactic medical examination of children was carried out. In the course of the prophylactic medical examination of children 1 million 101 thousand 553 children, i.e. children and teenagers subject to examination, were examined.

The most meaningful task of the second stage of the children’s prophylactic medical examination (2003–2005) is rehabilitation and resurrection to health of Kuban children.

The basic trends of conception are as follows: protection of mother’s and child’s health, control of the social diseases, fulfillment of state guarantees program to administer gratuitous medical treatment to population, lending medical aid of high technology kinds, secured qualitative medicament provision.

The target programs are actively run in Krasnodar Territory: «Pancreatic diabetes», «Urgent measures for tuberculosis control in Krasnodar Territory», «Vaccinal prevention», «Urgent measures for improvement of specialized cancer care facilities for population of Krasnodar Territory», «Complex measures for prevention of drug misuse and trafficking», «Anti-HIV/AIDS», «Children of Russia (Safe maternity and Childhood)», «Children of Kuban», «Complex development of territorial clinical hospital».

The adjusted budget of the Territory in the line of «Public Health» for 2002 accounted for 5 milliard 697 million rubles. Its implementation made up 100%.

In the last decade the problem of increase in medical attendance value becomes more challenging. The factors such as ageing of population, growth of the chronic disease incidence and disablement, emergence of new methods of treatment and medical technologies, as well as the growing expectations of population are responsible for this process.

To develop the material resources of the public health service the provision is made to expand Krasnodar Territory dental outpatient clinic for 850 attendances per shift, construction of maternity house in Armavir, surgical building in Anapa, ambulance station in Gelendzhik, children’s dental building, therapeutically building of the Children’s Krasnodar Territory Clinic in Krasnodar.

Krasnodar Territory participates in realization of international programs and projects such as «The large cities and tendencies in pushing and misuse of the drugs», «The United Nations drug control program (UNDCP)», Antitobacco campaign «Stop smoking and win! », «The prevention of iodine-deficiency diseases through the total salt iodination».

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