Fuel and Energy complex

Fuel and Energy complex

The petroleum producers, oil-refining enterprises, power suppliers and pipeline transport go to make up the complex. As a result of 2002 the volume of industrial output produced by the Territory enterprises of the fuel and energy complex is in excess of 19 milliard rubles that is 15% above the same period of 2001 in comparable prices.

The volume of services provided by the pipeline transport enterprises ran as high as 17.9 milliard rubles upon the balance of 2002, to account for 147% in relation to the same period of 2001.

Over 2002 the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex of Krasnodar Territory transferred 6.7 milliard rubles to the budget system of the Russian Federation (112% in relation to the level of 2001, to exceed 50% of the tax proceeds sum transferred by the Territory enterprises of the fuel and energy complex).

More than 2.9 milliard rubles were transferred to the consolidated budget of the Territory that is more than in 2001 by a factor of 1.2.

One of the primary factors of the stable economy performance is the development of the fuel and energy complex. In the context of it the particular emphasis has been placed on investment policy and on realization of the priority programs and projects in Krasnodar Territory.

The Federal target programs «The South of Russia» and «The energy efficient economy» involve the development of some objects in the area of Krasnodar Territory.

The reconstruction of Krasnodar power-and-heating plant by ОАО «Kubanenergo» with installation of PGU-450 (combined-cycle plant).

Today the fuel and energy complex of Krasnodar Territory yields quarter of industrial output and provides half of all tax proceeds, transferred by industrial enterprises to the consolidated budget of the territory.

The project of Krasnodar heat-electric generating plant reconstruction appears at present to be socially significant for Kuban. The efficiency of the project realization resides in strengthening energy security of Krasnodar Territory, in application of the power generation advanced technologies, in environmental improvement in the city of Krasnodar and also in the tax proceeds inflow to the budgets of all levels.

The priority trend is the secure energy supply of the area of Great Sochi in Krasnodar Territory.

The investment project for construction of Sochi 76 MW thermal power plant presumes the construction of thermal power plant to cover the electrical loads of Sochi energy district and the heat loads of the city of Sochi.

The development priorities of the fuel and energy complex of Krasnodar Territory are directed to provide the energy security of Kuban, first of all to renovation and construction of generating capacities. Along with the development of the large generating capacities the administration of Krasnodar Territory supports the development of small-scale and nonconventional power engineering and the commitment of resumable energy sources into the energy balance.

One of the projects alike is construction of the heat-electric generating plant in the town of Yeisk (electrical power — 8.4 MW, heat power — 10.2 MW).

In an effort to provide housing and communal sector of Yeisk with electric and heat power the project of power-and-heating miniplant construction is proposed.

The construction of power-and-heating plant in Krymsk (electrical power — 18 MW, heat power — 40 Gcal/hr).

In an effort to increase the production of crude oil in Krasnodar Territory the project under title «The development of exploration works in Sladkovsko-Morozovskaya zone», included into the Federal target program «The South of Russia», has been carried out.

As of April 1, 2003 the OJSC «Rosneft-Krasnodarneftegaz» mastered 89.2 million rubles of own means. Four exploratory wells were drilled, and the works were carried out to sink six pioneer wells and to construct an oil pipeline and other works.

The realization of this project within the next five years will permit to bring oil production in Krasnodar Territory to the level of 2 million tons annually.

The increase in refinery processing at available oil-refining enterprises of Krasnodar Territory is one of priority trends in the work of the Territory fuel and energy complex.

In pursuing these aims, the Department on the issues of Krasnodar Territory fuel and energy complex approved the investment project for fundamental renovation of Tuapse oil refinery to bring the volumes of preliminary refining to 6 million tons annually, and to increase the assortment of manufactured petroleum products and to bring their physical and chemical properties to requirements of the world level.

The supply of fuel and petroleum products to consumers involves the oil companies such as OJSC «NK «Rosneft», OJSC «NK «Lukoil», OJSC «NK «UKOS».

OJSC «Rosneft-Kubannefteprodukt» and OJSC «Rosneft-Tuapsenefteprodukt» are the primary marketing enterprises to provide the supplies of petroleum products to the consumers of cities and districts of the Territory through the branches of petroleum storage depots and the network of petrol stations.

Currently the project «The reconstruction of OJSC «Rosneft-Tuapsenefteprodukt» is in the state of realization (the volume of investments planned for 2003 amounts to 322.6 million rubles, whereas the full estimated cost of the project makes up 419 million rubles in the prices of 2003).

The pipeline transportation of Krasnodar Territory is a dynamically developing industry.

The enterprise OJSC «Chernomortransneft» carries out the supply of crude oil and oil products for export through the pipeline system of OJSC «АК «Transneft».

The Government of the Russian Federation came to decision on increase of oil exports through the port of Novorossiysk. In pursuing these aims, the reconstruction and renovation of «Tikhoretsk-Novorossiysk» oil pipeline, the docks in the port of Novorossiysk, and tank battery of transfer tank farm «Grushevaya» were executed to enable the increase in oil exports to 50 million tons annually.

In an effort to increase the annual volumes of oil exports to 60 million tons the program of tank farm «Grushevaya» oil cargo piers reconstruction was adopted. It will provide the gross performance of discharge up to 9 million tons. It is in the nearest plans of the specialists to build a tank farm to the rated capacity of 200 thousand cub.m. near Krymsk operating and production control service, laying new Krymsk — Grushevaya pipeline 21 km long, construction of supplementary technological tunnel from the tank farm «Grushevaya» to the tank farm «Sheskharis».

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