Culture and Leisure

Culture and Leisure

The priority trends in the field of culture are preservation of the cultural heritage and development of the rich art of Kuban, support of creative organizations, preservation of the cultural heritage of peoples and ethnic groups of Krasnodar Territory.

In Krasnodar Territory the institutions network of culture, art and cinematography is preserved and continues to strength. At present in Kuban there are two regional theatres (M. Gorky Krasnodar state academic theatre of drama and Krasnodar Territory puppet theatre), Krasnodar Territory theatre and concert association, comprising Krasnodar musical theatre, Theatre of ballet under direction of Yury Grigorovich; two municipal theatres — Armavir theatre of drama and comedy and Tuapse youth theatre, as well as three theatrical companies of Krasnodar municipal creative association "Premiera«-theatre of youth, New puppet theatre and the theatre of scene veterans.

In Krasnodar Territory seven concert organizations work, among which Krasnodar Territory philharmonic, Krasnodar Territory scientific and creative institution «Kuban Cossacks Chorus», Krasnodar municipal creative association «Premiera», Sochi philharmonic, Sochi hall of organ and chamber music and others.

There are five creative unions in Krasnodar Territory: Krasnodar department of the Union of theatrical workers — 256 persons; Krasnodar Territory department of the social organization «The Union of Russian Composers» — 18 persons; regional department «The Writers Union of Kuban » of the Writers’ Union of Russia — 46 persons; Krasnodar Territory organization of the Union of Russian Writers — 25 persons; regional department of the Union of Russian Artists — 310 persons.

39 state and municipal museum organizations function in Krasnodar Territory. Among those there are two state museums conservation areas of the federal significance; 28 museums of historical, local lore, literature, memorial and complex type, two art museums, two exhibition halls.

The training and education of the specialists, working in this field, is performed by Krasnodar state university of culture and arts, six specialized secondary educational establishments of culture and arts, 175 children’s art schools, musical and artistic schools.

In the field of culture the priority trends are as follows: preservation of the cultural heritage and development of the arts of Kuban, development of the people’s creativity and organization of population leisure, support of creative organizations, evolvement and support of young talents, preservation of the cultural heritage of peoples and ethnic groups, inhabiting Krasnodar Territory, development of cinematography, esthetic education of children and youth, preservation of the personnel potential of culture, consolidation of the material and technical base. The work aimed at the preservation of the monuments of history and culture, subjects of museum and library funds is in progress.

The theatrical art of Kuban is represented by the eight creative teams of the regional and municipal theatres. 43 persons, who belong to creative body of the theatres, were dignified with the honored titles of Russia. 45 creative workers of the theatre were dignified with the honored titles of Kuban.

The priorities in the field of concert and philharmonic activity involve expansion of enlightening work with children and youth, tour activity of significant teams in other regions, arrangement of the foreign and Russian teams’ and single performers’ tours in Krasnodar Territory, attraction of the talented young performers to the concert activity, popularization of the modern composers creativity, preservation and development of performing arts chamber genres, preservation and development of the popular and national art.

The large work for esthetic education of the younger generation has been performed over many years. The musical education is provided in the rural districts of the Territory and in out of the way communities. It is subscription cycle of concerts «Masters of arts for the children of the children’s art schools and children’s musical schools of Krasnodar Territory».

The concert performances of the State Academic Kuban Cossacks Chorus came off just in 2002 not only in Krasnodar Territory, but also in Stavropol Territory, in Rostov Region and in Siberia. The Chorus represented Krasnodar Territory in the concerts of the highest importance at the governmental level in the cities of Moscow, Bishkek (Kirghizia), Kiev (Ukraine), Cannes (France).

The great niche in education work and in organization of population leisure of the Territory is filled by the activity of the cultural and leisure type institutions of the RF Ministry of Culture. These remain to be the centers of the most massive, public leisure activity, permitting the population to realize their interests and passions, creative abilities. More than 200 thousand people participate in the club formations of Krasnodar Territory, accounting for 4.2% of the regional population in total.

In accordance with the regional target programs «Culture of Kuban (2002—2005)», «Children of Kuban», «Complex target program of the invalids rehabilitation» the Department of Culture worked out, financed and accomplished 19 large creative projects.

The phenomenon characteristic for librarianship in Krasnodar Territory became the development of innovation librarian structures oriented to the information needs of the users (centre’s of legal information, centre’s of business information and others).

In the recent years the means of cinema are actively used by the municipal cinematographic organizations of Krasnodar Territory to accomplish the fundamental social function — the education of the younger generation, and the purposeful work is conducted with the youth audience for drug addiction. The functions of cinematographic organizations technical support are put into effect by enterprise «Kinotechservice». The cinema culture life in Krasnodar Territory is varied: cinema festivals «Kinoshok», «Kinotavr», «Kinotavrik», «Southern Nights», various topical cinema activities, creative meetings with the arts and cinema workers, opening exhibitions of Russian films.

Krasnodar Territory Department of Culture is in constant cooperation with the regional periodicals and electronic mass media.

The literary magazine «Rodnaya Kuban», the editor-in-chief of which is writer V. I. Likhonosov, and belles-lettres and social publicistic magazine «Kuban» of the writers of Kuban and Russia are published in Krasnodar Territory.

28.8 thousand people are employed by the institutions of culture, arts and cinematography of Krasnodar Territory. This figure remains steady for the last years and is not changed significantly.

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