Construction and Real Estate

Construction and Real Estate

The construction complex is one of the most important sectors of Krasnodar territory economy. There 18% of the gross regional product is created and up to 16% of all tax proceeds to the budget system if formed.

The construction complex of Krasnodar Territory belongs to the industry and to the sphere of action directly affecting the interests of Kuban inhabitants majority.

The complex embraces construction, architecture and urban development, building trade and building materials industry, housing and communal services, highway facilities, gas-fuel handling facilities and also engineering coastal protection of the Azov and Black Seas in Krasnodar Territory.

480 large contracting organizations, 90 large enterprises of building trade and building materials industry, 27 leading designing organizations and more that 10 thousand entrepreneurial structures are the members of construction complex. Currently more than 170 thousand people are occupied in construction complex to be one twelfth part of all able-bodied population of Krasnodar Territory.

In 2002 it was construction complex of Krasnodar Territory to carry out operations and produce the goods and provide servicing to amount of 44.3 milliard rubles, including construction and assembling works to amount of 36.1 milliard rubles, and in the industries of «building materials industry» and «highway facilities» to amount of 6.8 and 1.4 milliard rubles respectively.

The construction complex of Kuban provided the tax proceeds to the budgets of different level in amount of 5.94 milliard rubles to make up 13.7% of the total tax proceeds in Krasnodar Territory.

In 2002 1507 sq.m. of housing, or 105.6% as against 2001, were put into service to provide the fourth result in the country. Up to 80% of the built housing in Krasnodar Territory is accounted for by the family-type housing. The experiment to use the housing certificates of the military, transferred to reserve, as additional source for construction of the high availability residential houses has been pulled off swimmingly. The precautions have been taken also to attract the credit resources through the mortgage lending of families, who are in need of better housing conditions; to put mortgage into customary practice the law of Krasnodar Territory was adopted and a public institution for its realization has been established.

The social orientation of the Territory budget is confirmed also by the fact that as much as 1 milliard rubles of capital investment for the objects of public health, education and culture will be allotted, due to which the new schools, outpatients’ clinics and hospitals are put into service.

The serious consideration is paid in Krasnodar Territory to development of the highway facilities; annually the sections of new roads, bridges and overpasses are put into service; up to 1.5 thousand km of general-purpose highways are annually put in repair and renovation.

The close cooperation with the ОАО «Gazprom» results in annual extension of the Territory distributing gas pipelines network by 800—850 km and in gasifying up to 25 thousand flats and houses.

Krasnodar Territory is of the most densely populated and extensive seaboards of Russia used for the aims of recreation. Out of total length of the Azov and Black Sea coastline that is more than 1100 km long, the wave abrasion and washout affect 150 km of the Black Sea and 220 km of the Azov Sea coastline. The problems of the complex coastal protection are concern of the specialized Scientific and Production Association «Krasnodarberegozashchita».

In the coastal area the strategic transport communications are arranged: railroads and highways, sea ports, pipelines and airports. In the last years the full-scale construction of such largest transport complexes, as the Caspian pipeline consortium, «Russia- Turkey» gas pipeline, new port terminals in Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Temriuk, Yeisk and many others, was placed on a wide footing.

In the period from 2001 to 2005 they anticipate in Kuban the increase of about 10% annually in the volumes of residential construction and that of about 15% annually in the volumes of putting objects of social sphere and municipal engineering into service. In this connection the increase in demand for the building materials up to 10 milliard rubles by 2005 is predicted (having regard to the implicit price deflators, recommended by the Ministry of Economy and Development of Russia).

The greater part of this demand is planned to be satisfied at the cost of own production, particularly for such kinds of produce as cement, asbestos sheetings, soft roofing, wall and nonmetallic materials, reinforced concrete products, gypsum board; the gain will be also appreciable in the output of such kinds of produce as sanitary faience and linoleum. It was recognized appropriate to restore the functioning of the currently out-of-work production capacities to produce structural glass, mineral wool, radiant heaters and convectors.

The total volume of the intraregional supplies is estimated to be at the level of 7.5—8.0 milliard rubles.

The estimated general state of the art in construction complex of Krasnodar Territory:

  • South Federal Districtwide
    • Krasnodar Territory leaves behind all the subjects of the South Federal District in absolute indicators (volume of investments and construction and assembling works, putting housing in operation, production of building materials).
    • As for specific indicators (per capita) we are second-best only to Astrakhan Region in all indicators exclusive of the production of building materials.
  • Nationwide
    • Krasnodar Territory is among first ten regions by investment activity.
    • Krasnodar Territory ranks fourth by the volumes of putting housing in operation (including second place in family-type housing).
  • Structure of capital investment in Krasnodar Territory
    • residential construction — 6%;
    • construction of public utility — 17%;
    • objects of social sphere — 53%;
    • development of rural infrastructure — 22%.

It is necessary to tell about real estate of Krasnodar territory which has during the last years received the new birth. Real estate building on Kuban has universal character: there is an erection of private houses and cottages, many-storeyed multiroom houses-new buildings. Most the resort real estate located in Sochi, Anapa and Gelendzhik, after all together with purchasing of such kind of real estate uses a great demand, the buyer acquires the place in the sun at the sea.

Real estate purchasing on Kuban than doesn’t differ from acquisition in any other place of Russia. In territory of Krasnodar territory there is a set of the real estate agencies offering the services in matching and registration of real estate. The biggest concentration by quantity of agencies of real estate prevails in resort zones as the real estate at the sea is the most attractive on all parameters.

The prices for real estate in removed from Krasnodar and sea coast areas of Kuban it is strongly enough underestimated. As to administrative centers and a city of Krasnodar the prices for real estate are high enough. The actual prices for real estate of Krasnodar territory can be learned from newspapers or the Internet.

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