The Board of the People's Commissariat of Justice

The Board of the People's Commissariat of JusticeThe Board of the People’s Commissariat of Justice appeared in Krasnodar Territory in 1938. Initially the primary functions of the RSFSR People’s Commissariat of Justice were selection, training and placing of personnel in the courts and notary offices of the Territory and control over the work of courts and notary offices of Krasnodar Territory.

At present time Central administrative board of the Departament of Justice Russian Federation by Krasnodar Territory apparatus of the Department of Justice in Russian Federation.

At present time the Central Board of the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice for Krasnodar Territory, as a territorial body of the Russian Ministry of Justice, solves the problems as follows:

  • realization of the state policy in the scope of justice;
  • securing rights and legitimate interests of state and human;
  • securing legal protection of intellectual property;
  • realization of established order of the courts activity;
  • carrying into effect the acts of judicial and other bodies;
  • execution of serving criminal sentences.

The list of functions the Ministry of Justice performs is constantly widening. One of the most important trends in the activity of the Central Board as a regional body of the state power for realization of the state policy in the sphere of justice consists in securing constitutional lawfulness, as one of the elements of the Russian Federation national security concept, proclaimed by the President of the Russian Federation.

The Central Board carries out legal expertise of the laws and other legal acts, regulating all the spheres of the subject’s activity, actively participates in the work of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Territory and cooperates constructively with admi-nistration of Krasnodar Territory, realizing its authorities.

The work of control over the political parties, social and religious associations and their structural units, acting in Krasnodar Territory, in the sense of how they observe the legislation of the Russian Federation and how their activity complies with the statutory aims and tasks is in progress.

The criminal penalty enforcement system transferred into the structure of the Ministry of Justice is progressing successfully. Currently the reformation of the criminal penalty enforcement system is being continued by initiative of the Ministry of Justice. It is directed on to humanization of the national legislation and bringing into accord with the international legal standards. This reform will govern the considerable decrease in expenditures of the federal budget for upkeep of convicted and arrested and also will improve the conditions of serving sentence.

From year to year the level of expert research carried out by Krasnodar laboratory of legal expertise, that became a part of the justice bodies system in 1959, is in steady growth.

Beginning from 1992, when the Russian Federation joined the Hague Convention of 1961, the new function of putting apostilles on official documents issued in Russia and intended for submission to the official bodies of foreign countries, the participants of Convention, was imposed on the bodies of Justice.

In 1997 the Krasnodar Territory Service of bailiffs was established, that currently comprises in the Territory 63 successfully functioning subdivisions, annually returning the huge sums of money to the budgets of all levels.

Beginning from 1998 the Central Board provides the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice to realize the powers in the system of the state registration of the estates in real property and the real estate business, of the legal control over the activities of the justice institutions in registration of the estates in real property, including their observance of the Rules of keeping the Uniform state register estates in real property and the real estate business.

The Central Board realizes the functions of the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice in the field of notarization, advocacy and civil registration. It invests the notaries with authority to commit the notarial acts on behalf of the state, grants the licenses to perform the notarial activities, approves the forms of the notarial acts registration registers. The notaries working in the public and private notarial system of Krasnodar Territory number 277. The Central Board is also responsible for activities related to the civil registration.

In 2002 the Uniform Lawyers’ Chamber of Krasnodar Territory was established in accordance with the Federal Law «On advocacy and advocateship in the Russian Federation». 2048 lawyers entered the Chamber, and they constantly grow in number.

In an effort to provide the uniformity of the legal space in the Russian Federation the functions to keep the Federal Register of the normative legal acts were imposed on the Ministry of Justice in 2000 in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the federal legislation.

The main stage of reformation was headed by Anatoly Borisovich Vinogradov, Director of the Central lawey of Kuban from 1997.


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