Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Krasnodar Region

Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Krasnodar RegionThe inland revenue service of Kuban traces back its history from March of 1990.

Just then the formation of the inland revenue inspection of Krasnodar Territory and taxing authorities in towns and districts made a start. In 1999 the Krasnodar Territory State Inspection of Inland Revenue was transformed into Krasnodar Territory Board of the Russian Federation Ministry of Inland Revenue (hereinafter referred to as a Board) in connection with the reorganization of the State Service Inland Revenue of the Russian Federation.

The Board is a territorial body of the Russian Federation Ministry of Inland Revenue and it is a member of the unitary centralized system of taxing authorities. Peronko Ivan Alexandrovich, director, the third-rate counsellor of state of the Russian Federation inland revenue service, Doctor of Economy, Professor, Honoured Economist of Kuban, Honoured Economist of the Russian Federation He has seven deputies in his subordination, each of whom is responsible for a certain line of activity and a group of departments (these total 26).

The primary tasks and functions of the Board are as follows:

  • securing of control over observation of tax legislation, accuracy of taxes computation, completeness and regularity of paying taxes, dues and other compulsory payments to the budgets of all levels;
  • arrangement of the foreign exchange regulation in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation on monetary correction within terms of the taxing authorities’ reference;
  • arrangement of control over production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, produced from all kinds of raw material, of spirit-based, alcoholic and tobacco products;
  • arrangement of control over the accurate use of control-cashing technics;
  • applying sanctions stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation, should the tax legislation be broken; imposing fines;
  • organization and methodical guidance of subordinate taxing authorities and coordination of their activity;
  • state registration of legal persons;
  • securing of the taxpayers registration and maintaining regional partition of the Unitary State Register;
  • performance of information and explanatory work;
  • fulfillment of other tasks and functions, assigned to the taxing authorities by the laws of the Russian Federation.

All in all 47 inspections of the Russian Federation Ministry of Inland Revenue, including 4 ones of interdistrict level, function in the towns and districts of Krasnodar Territory in addition to the Board. 24 of these participate in the project of modernization that is called to improve the activity of taxing authorities on the whole and the relationships with the taxpayers in particular, by switching over to the new structures, modern forms and methods of work and electronic document management system. It is more that relevant in conditions of the evergrowing number of taxpayers. The taxing authorities of Krasnodar Territory keep on the records more than 111.5 legal persons and more than 3.3 million physical persons.

The personnel of the territorial taxing authorities in the region is 5303 strong, among which the executives and specialists number 4015. More than 25% workers of the taxing authorities are under 30 years, whereas middle age is 40 years.

In the South Federal District Krasnodar Territory provides one third of the tax revenues total. Among the subjects of the Russian Federation Kuban is behind only cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Sverdlovsk Regions and the oil and gas producing regions in the volumes of those.

The life of the taxing authorities is multivarious. The everyday, working life is brightened up by professional holidays (the 1st July is a day of the taxing authorities establishment on the Kuban, the 21st November is a Day of the taxing authorities worker in the Russian Federation) and by professional skill competitions. Many employees go in for sports (two departmental sports and athletics meetings have been held already). Football is mostly popular. The combined team «GNS- Spartak» has been formed, and the sports club of the same name has been established on the basis thereof. The Head of Board I. A. Peronko is its president and as a chairman of the Krasnodar regional federation of football. Along with it the Board has the patronage of Uspensky Children’s House, and many workers of service are the members of the parents committees in comprehensive schools.


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