The Krasnodar Customs

The Krasnodar CustomsThe Krasnodar customs was founded on October 24, 1990, and to date it ranks among the largest ones in the south of Russia (the zone of its activity covers 80% of the area of Krasnodar Territory).

At present the Krasnodar customs incorporates 15 customs offices, 30 departments, and the total number of regular staff reaching 830 persons. The foreign trade turnover in the zone of the Krasnodar customs annually averages USD 1500 million, annual turnover of goods — 7.7 mln. t.

To date the active foreign trade activity in the zone of the Krasnodar customs control is carried out by 1636 participants of external economic activity. Annually 25 thousand export and import operations are handled by the officers of Krasnodar customs, and more than 350 thousand physical persons go through procedure of the customs clearance.

Eight customs warehouses and 45 temporary storage warehouses were established in the zone of the Krasnodar customs activity, that enables to provide the storage of goods and transportation facilities under the customs control until their clearance is complete.

One of the most important trends of the Krasnodar customs work under conditions of the state budget deficit, is the execution of its primary function, that is a fiscal one. In 2001 the Federal budget receipts, provided by the customs, amounted to 5,018.8 million rubles, in 2002 — 6784 million rubles and for 8 months of 2003 — more than 5700 million rubles.

The conspicuous figure in providing economic sovereignty of the country, protection interests and secutity of its citizens is made by the law-enforcement unit of the Russia’s customs service, arranging its activities in close cooperation with the other law-enforcement structures. In first half of 2003 the customs officers carried out 228 operational and investigative actions, 49 of which — jointly with the other law- enforcement bodies, and brought a prosecution on 5 cases. For 9 months 2003 by Krasnodar customs was opened 662 violations of customs rules.

As the Russian Federation State Customs Commettee Chairman’s Order nr. 311 dated June 20, 2003 reads, the Krasnodar customs was acknowledged to be the best one among Russian customs of the 1st category by continuous assesment activity for 2002.

The Krasnodar customs officers are going not reducing levels of work further keeping high positions on all directions of the activity providing economic sefety and sovereignty of Kuban.


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