Krasnodar Territory Court

Krasnodar Territory CourtThe date of the judicial bodies formation in Kuban is usually referred to opening Ekaterinodar court that was on February 19, 1868.

At present Krasnodar Territory court carries out functions of the supreme judicial power body in the Territory in accordance with the constitutional federal law «On the judicial system in the Russian Federation».

The Court of the Territory is to consider the matters in the first instance as specially referred to its jurisdiction. Also the sentences and other decrees of the district level courts on complaints and representations are reconsidered as a cassation. The decrees of Krasnodar Territory courts and magistracy, that became legally effective, are reconsidered in the order of judicial review.

The Court of the Territory forms the judicial practice of the courts and magistracy on the civil and criminal cases and performs analytical work. At present the staff of Krasnodar Territory Court is about 500 persons.


350020, Krasnodar, Krasnaya street, 10
Phone: (861) 212-00-95, 212-00-96, 212-00-97