Krasnodar Territory Central Board of Home Affairs

Krasnodar Territory Central Board of Home AffairsOn February 16, 1801 Emperor Pavel I issued the Decree to establish in the Black Sea Cossacks’ Forces the organizational chancery with six expeditions, police one included, instead of the military government. On May 6, 1801 the police squad recruited from the Cossacks was founded in the Cossacks’ Army city of Ekaterinodar. The duties of the squad included suppression of stealing, plundering and maintenance of public order. The police authorities existed in Kuban till March of 1917. After the February revolution the police was replaced with militia.

In March-April of 1920 the town and local Workers’ and Peasants’ Militia was set up in Ekaterinodar, Maikop, Armavir, Yeisk, Tuapse, Temriuk, Novorossiysk, Timashev- skaya, Kavkazskaya and Slavianskaya stanitsas.

On September 7, 1937 the Central Executive Committee of the USSR approved the Decree of the RSFSR VCIK on segregation of Rostov Region from the Azov and Black Sea Territory and on renaming the Azov and Black Sea Territory as Krasnodar Territory with its centre in the city of Krasnodar. At the same time the Board of militia was established within the structure of the People’s Commissariat of Home Affairs (NKVD) for Krasnodar Territory.

The very first days of the Great Patriotic War saw the hundreds of Kuban militia workers go to the front. 450 persons were enrolled into Krasnodar leopard crawl division. The Kuban militiamen fought on bravely also in acting army.

The post-war period showed the militia subdivisions to become more active, that resulted in solution of many problems in the maintenance of public order and in prevention of crime, the acts of gangsterism were put out of existence, the prevention of violations was carried out professionally. The competence and equipment with modern machinery and appliances improved.

The basic trends of Krasnodar Territory Central Board of Home Affairs at present include administration of personal security of citizens, maintenance of public order and administration of public safety, prevention and clampdown of crimes and administrative infractions, rendering assistance to the citizens, organizations and public organizations in the lawful exercise of their rights and interests within the limits set by the Russian Federation Law «On militia».

The achievements and performance figures of Kuban militia workers are as follows: 30889 crimes in the lines of all services were registered for six months of 2003 over the area of Krasnodar Territory, that is less by 17.8% as compared with the same period of the last year. 12798 crimes were registered in the line of criminal militia — less by 46.9% as compared with the same period of the last year. The number of grave and extremely grave wrongful acts decreased by 35.8%.

The absolute remainder of unsolved cases in the line of criminal militia decreased by 50.8% and that in grave and extremely grave crimes — by 50.7%. The detection of crimes, committed by the participants of criminal groups, increased by 20.3% (350).

The crimes, committed in the streets and in other public places, decreased in number by 17.7% (877). Directly in the streets, parks and squares the crimes were committed less by 11.0% (649) as compared with the same period of the last year.

Over three thousand workers of Krasnodar Territory Central Board of Home Affairs served in the «hot spots», and practically all the workers who performed their service duty to restore the constitutional system in Cechen Republic, were honoured with state rewards.

In 2002, when bicentennial of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Russia was celebrated, more than 14.5 thousand Kuban militiamen were encouraged by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Russia, by the Head of Krasnodar Territory administration, by the Chairman of Territory legislature and were decorated with rewards.

And at present the workers of the home affairs authorities of Krasnodar Territory are in constant readiness to lend aid to all who get into trouble and continue to carry on a stubborn fight against the lawbreakers and criminals, to maintain public order and provide safety of Kuban guests and residents.


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