FSSB of Russia for Krasnodar Territory

FSSB of Russia for Krasnodar TerritoryOn December 20, 2002 the Federal Security Service Board for Krasnodar Territory celebrated the 85th anniversary of VChK-KGB-FSB foundation.

But the history of the Russian intelligence and counterintelligence in Kuban traces back to the time long before 1917. On the territory of Kuban Cossacks’ Forces, including Kuban Region and the Black Sea Province, the Kuban regional gendarme board was established on November 2, 1880. Along with the tasks of public order maintenance it performed the counterintelligence functions, carried out political detection, carried on investigations on the matters of state crimes and executed control and permission functions.

On January 21, 1903 the Emperor Nikolai II signed the report by Military Minister Kuropatkin to create «intelligence» department in Kuban, the primary task of which became the fight against the military espionage. The new structure started rather successfully. Before the October revolution the Ekaterinodar counterintelligence agents detected and arrested some German and Japanese spies.

Already in the Soviet Russia a subdivision of VChK (All-Russian Special Commission) was established in Kuban in the spring of 1918 to solve the tasks of combating counterrevolution and sabotage.

The prewar period witnessed the successful counterintelligence operations and operative games carried on by Krasnodar Board workers of the Unify political administration People’s Commissariat of Inernal Affairs (NKVD) to disinform German, French and Turkish intelligence under the code names «Swallow», «Borderland», «Renaissance».

During the Great Patriotic War the scouting and diversion special forces of NKVD were bravely fighting on Kuban territories occupied by the enemy. The bodies of state security actively participated in the work of the underground organizations and in partisan detachments. One of such special groups was a legendary NKVD group «Kubanians» embodied by S.K. Tsvigun, the future general of the Army, Deputy Chairman of the USSR KGB.

In the postwar period the Regional Board workers of the USSR NKVD-KGB identified German associates and chasteners, revealed the agents of foreign intelligences, among which there were English spies «Verner», «Eddy» and «Charles», brought to the territory of Abinsk district in 1953.

At present the Federal Security Service Board for Krasnodar Territory ranks adequately in the system of the state security bodies of the country and in the structure of the law enforcement bodies and special services in Krasnodar Territory. The workers of the Federal Security Service Board for Krasnodar Territory (UFSB) solve the problems of counteraction against the international terrorism and religious extremism, the problems of protection of data being the matter of state secret, of providing security of country in political, economic, military, information and many other fields.

One of the most important trends of activity of the state security bodies is rehabilitation of political repression victims. Just in the recent 14 years the reputation was restored for 42 thousand of our fellow countrymen.

In the recent decade the Kubanian counter-intelligence agents showed up the spy and another activity of 17 foreign special services agents. Many a time and oft the efficient measures were undertaken to liberate the hostages in the cities of Krasnodar and Anapa and in settlement Lazarevskoye. Some acts of terrorism with the use of powerful explosive devices were prevented. The large number of the terror means were removed. The channels of drugs contraband were done away with. The activities of the socially dangerous organized criminal groups was ceased, those ethnically formed included.

A lot of the credit for results of the UFSB service and operational activities, the list of which is far from being full, must go to inhabitants of Kuban, to the patriots, due to assistance of whom, rendered to the bodies of the Federal Security Service to provide the security of a person, society and state, Krasnodar Territory now is one of the most stable peaceful and attractive for investment regions of Russia.

There are four Heroes of Russia among the workers of the Federal Security Service Board for Krasnodar Territory. This highly honorable title was given to two officers posthumously. Only in 2002 fifteen officers and warrant officers were decorated with the high state rewards for courage and heroism shown on performance of special tasks and for the high achievements in their service and operational activities.

Since March of 2003 the Federal Security Service Board for Krasnodar Territory is headed by major general Vladimir Vasilievich Molchanov, professional counterintelligence officer.


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