Krasnodar Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Krasnodar Chamber of Commerce and IndustryKrasnodar Chamber of Commerce and Industry — a non-state and non-commercial organization — is the coordination centre of Krasnodar Territory system of the chambers of commerce and industry.

The tremendous upgrowth of the USSR trade and economic relations with the foreign countries and emersed necessity for existence of organization carrying out extensive and purposeful work to promote national foreign trade, to consolidate the contacts of industrial enterprises with the foreign trade association, to render them assistance in introduction of goods to the foreign markets, to search out the new goods for export motivated the creation of Krasnodar Branch of the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1969.

For more than three decades Krasnodar Branch of the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry grew into the regional system of the chambers of commerce and industry.

At present Krasnodar Chamber of Commerce and Industry incorporates 27 interdistrict chambers and their six representation offices. Altogether Krasnodar Territory system of the chambers of commerce and industry numbers 2760 enterprises, that are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, including 660 ones in Krasnodar.

Krasnodar Chamber of Commerce and Industry contributes to the legal base of market relations to set up in Krasnodar Territory and to development of the business initiative. The Chamber represents the interests of businessmen and their associations despite of the property forms and activity category, actively contributes to the interaction of businessmen with the state and its bodies, participates in working out regional draft bills and programs, carries out their expertise and endeavours their conformity with the interests of enterprising.

The Chamber contributes greatly to the entrepreneurial business, establishment and development of business ties, arranges meetings, conferences, exchange of experience and information. The legal department gives legal consultation and provides legal services to enterprises and businessmen.

The highly qualified experts of the firm «Krasnodarinvestotsenka» make evaluation of the capital assets of enterprises, market value of all kinds of immovable property, equipment, transportation facilities, land, natural resources, intellectual property; they undertake the development of business-plans and investment projects for the purpose of search for investments and attraction thereof.

The examinations and certifications of products, performed by the specialists of the firm «Krasnodarexpertiza» are the weighty confirmation of quality and market value of the goods, especially in the case of their imports and exports. The department for certification of goods and services functions in subordination of the firm «Krasnodarexpertiza».

The testing laboratory carries out the research of domestic and imported food products and determines its conformity to the terms of contract.

The department of interregional and external economic relations contributes to the search of business partners abroad; it provides the information on commodity and services prices and on addresses of companies in Russia and foreign countries renders services of bar coding.

The translation department of the Chamber makes oral and written translations practically to all the languages of the world.

Much consideration is given to arrangement and holding of exhibitions and presentations both in the Territory and abroad. The exhibition company «Krasnodar Expo Krasnodarskoi ТРР» provides for the members of the Chamber the arrangement of exhibition stands that along with the information services are at present the most efficient lever to move the market and to develop the trade and industrial ties.

The tasks of advertising and publishing and editorial departments are delivery of information to the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, promotion to creation of enterprise image, working out style attributes, placement of advertisements and information in own periodicals, as well as in the various mass media. The Chamber publishes magazine «The Vestnik Krasnodarskoi ТРР» and bulletin «The Kommercheskiye Predlozheniya».

The Chamber entered the process of introduction in Kuban of the International ISO 9000 standards system, that is top-rated in the world. The world quality standard was created, based on this system.


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