Arbitration Tribunal Office of Krasnodar Territory

Arbitration Tribunal Office of Krasnodar TerritoryNew judicial system was formed on the basis of the State arbitration — it is the beginning of developing jural state.

After the liquidation of the commerce courts in the years of war communism (1917–1922) management of economy was leading by war-administrative method.

With transformation to new economic politics appeared the need in apparatus activity. Such appartus were arbitration commissions established in 1922 and subjugated to apparatus of the national economy.

By the end 1937 — beginning of 1938 was established The State arbitration in Krasnodar territory. The large part in developing The State Arbitration belongs to Honored lawyer RSFSR B. A. Epifanov.

The beginning of nowadays arbitration system was with an enactment of law «About arbitration tribunal». The born date of the court is 11th of June 1992 it is also a day of Enactment signature of Chairman supreme RF «About election of Krasnodar regional arbitration tribunal».

Honored lawer RF Juravsky A. K. almost 10 years was the Head of court. Next the head of the court is G. A. Mantul and his First deputy of chief justice is A. I. Chaban, — Judge of the first qualification level. Now the chief justice — Belov, Vladimir Alexandrovich, deputy chairman of the court — Viktor Nikolayevich Romanov.


350063, Krasnodar, Krasnaya street, 6
Reception: (861) 268-35-26
Office: (861) 268-01-45, (861) 268-57-17 (fax)
Information: (861) 268-46-00
Secretariat, the President of the Court: (861) 268-19-36