OJSC «Saturn»

OJSC «Saturn»The priority for OJSC «Saturn» is to increase competitiveness of producing output and all funds directing to develop scientific, experimental and production basis.

OJSC «Saturn» was established in 1964 and functioned as multibroad enterprise of developing chemical source current, sensoring and transformation equipment, electrical chemical generators and manufacture of electrical engineering. At the end of 80 th, beginning of 90th, was developed profile of enterprise as extraction sun and storage batteries for the spaceships, monitoring device equipment and photoelectric systems of power generating unit.

Main partners of enterprise

  • SPA Applied mechanician, Jeleznogorsk Krasnoyarsk Territory;
  • Rocket-cosmic corporation «Energiya», Korolev Moscow Territory;
  • FSUE «Hrunichev State cosmic reserch-and-production center», Moscow;
  • SPA Lavochkina, Himki Moscow Territory;
  • FSUE State reserch-and- production rocket-cosmic centre «CSKB-Progress» Samara;
  • FSUE «Scientific- research institute «Elektromehaniki», Istra Moscow Territory.

In government regulation № 440 from 12.05.1998 OJSC «Saturn» included in the List of enterprises, where Rosaviakosmos accomplishing unified public policy.

Created by enterprise output covered by patents, and for some products exceed the best foreign samples. Since 2000 OJSC «Saturn» got accreditation as scientific institution.

In august 2002 quality system of enterprise certificated compliance international testing ISO 9001-96. The enterprise takes part in cosmic programs in Russian Federation and some international projects and has primary license of:

  • cosmic activity (№ 1663 from 10.04.2003);
  • development of armament and defense technology (№ 1199 from 10.10.2003);
  • production of armament and defense technology (№ 1201 from 10.10.2002).

Over a period of work enterprise equipped sun and storage batteries more than 950 spaceships. Also enterprise put out and on market hundreds of photoelectric stations, that are working in Russian Federation, and in countries of Africa, Asia, the Near East, Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States.

Middling quantity of the group is about 1130 persons now. At the enterprise leading constant work for raising the level of skill. To the effect was to conclude a treaties and put into practice close cooperation with leading academies and scientific- research institutes of Moscow, St.Petrsburg, Krasnodar and etc.

Structure of OJSC «Saturn»

  • special design technological and scientific-research subdivisions;
  • experimental industrial production;
  • subdivisions for projecting and production special technological equipment;
  • subdivisions for projecting and production instrument of rigging;
  • services of energy supply;
  • financially-economic and administrative subdivisions;
  • subdivisions of materially-technological provision.

Technological basis of OJSC «Saturn»

  • technology of semi-conducting production;
  • technology of chemical current source, plus powderly metallurgy, production of composite material;
  • welding technology (argon-arc, contact, convection-diffusion);
  • mechanics — machine-building technology, plus rotary drawing out thin-walled casing;
  • thin-film technology;
  • laser beam technology;
  • technology of production wide spectrum kits.

Test basis of OJSC «Saturn»

  • unit of equipment for realization all kinds of mechanics and environmental tests, including therm-vacuum and therm-cyclical in the range temperatures −180° С — + 100° С and properly sized 2.2 2.2 m. ;
  • unit of equipment for realization electrical testing of sun, storage batteries in wide spectrum load and temperature ranges;
  • unit of equipment for realization calibration exemplary photo-converters.


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